Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady are facing some problems in their marriage. However, football isn’t the only one to blame.

According to Star, Bundchen is fuming at Brady for not living up to his promise that he would quit football for good. But what fans might not know is that Brady refuses to stay at home with his wife and kids because Bundchen has quite the temper.

“Gisele has quite the temper and things got heated. When she went to Costa Rica, she wanted Tom to realize how much she does around the house when he’s preparing for his football season. Gisele is not happy Tom decided to un-retire. The plan was for him to quit football and spend more time with his family. That obviously didn’t happen,” the source said.

Bundchen has also been giving Brady an ultimatum to choose between her and his career. And if he chooses the latter again, they could end up getting divorced.

“Gisele’s going to do what she wants and let Tom stew and think on it. Their friends hope this is just a cooling-off period and that they can fix this before it becomes a big problem,” the source said.

In recent weeks, there has been a slew of updates regarding Bundchen and Brady’s relationship. There are claims that the couple has been living in separate homes for quite some time.

And just this week, it was revealed that Brady left his wife and kids temporarily to reunite with his other son with his ex, Bridget Moynahan.

According to Daily Mail, the football superstar decided to travel to the Hamptons to celebrate his son’s 15th birthday.

Since Brady and Bundchen are seemingly on a break right now, the model and their children did not accompany him on the trip.

It’s unclear if Brady and Bundchen’s marital problems will still be resolved. But it seems both parties are keen to reach an agreement.

Some fans of Brady are reminding Bundchen that playing football is a lucrative job and it’s what supports their family.

Others are saying that Brady wouldn’t be playing football much longer because he’s already 45 years old. As such, it might be best for Bundchen to just wait it out.

But others also understand where the model is coming from since she just wants her family to be whole.