Mariska Hargitay is allegedly bidding the show that she has grown to love for years.

In its Sept. 26 issue, Globe claimed that Hargitay is good friends with her co-star, Kelli Giddish. So, when she found out that the latter was going to be axed from the series, she decided to quit SVU altogether.

“The SVU producers wanted to shake up the show and they decided Kelli had to go. Mariska was up in arms when she was informed Kelli was getting axed, and she went to bat for her in every way possible. She told the brass they are trying to fix something that isn’t broke and Kelli is integral to the show,” a source said.

However, Hargitay’s concerns fell on deaf ears and the people behind SVU still decided to push through with Giddish’s axing. As such, Hargitay was left with no other choice but to follow in her co-star’s footsteps to make sure that Giddish wouldn’t be upset.

“Now she swears she’s going to follow Kelli right off the set when this season wraps up,” the source said.

Meanwhile, it seems Giddish and Hargitay aren’t the only ones leaving the franchise. There are also whispers that Chris Meloni and Sam Waterston could follow in their footsteps.

“Chris loves playing Stabler, especially when Stabler and Benson cross over onto each other’s shows the past two seasons. But with Mariska intent on riding off into the sunset, he doesn’t see much reason to continue,” the source said.

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt. As of late, Hargitay has not expressed any desire to quit SVU. And if she does, it would be because of personal reasons or scheduling conflicts.

It’s unlikely for the actress to pass up a good role just because her co-star was removed from the series.

In the same way, Meloni and Waterston wouldn’t just quit their respective shows and the possibility of crossing over onto SVU again just because of Hargitay.

Even though the co-stars have a wonderful relationship with each other, they must understand that their careers are also important. So, whatever opportunity comes their way shouldn’t be taken for granted.

It’s obvious that the tabloid just came up with this storyline to make it seem as though there are tensions on the SVU set due to cast members quitting even when there are none.