Liam Payne’s ex-girlfriend, Cheryl is making headlines due to her unlikely friendship with the new British monarch, King Charles III.

According to Heat UK, Cheryl and King Charles forged their unlikely friendship after they met on multiple occasions because of their respective charities.

A source also told the magazine that Cheryl and King Charles have mutual respect for each other. And the singer hopes to be of help to the latter now that he’s the leader of the British monarchy.

“Cheryl hit it off with Charles when they first met and over the years, they’ve talked to each other at a number of events, really bonding over the amazing work their charities do with young people. He always admired and supported the work of her charity and their collaborations in New Castle,” the source said.

Even though Cheryl has a huge following, it was still a pinch-me moment when she met King Charles for the first time. And to think that she even had the opportunity to meet the king has left her speechless.

“Despite his royal status, Cheryl says he’s always warm and friendly during their meetings and they could share a joke together. Cheryl’s been out of the limelight for a while, but she’s remained dedicated to her charity work and would love to have an audience with the king in the future about it. Maybe there will be another invite to Buckingham Palace,” the source said.

While it is true that Cheryl already had the opportunity of meeting King Charles on a number of occasions, the performer has not reacted to the latter being named as Britain’s new monarch.

It is possible that Cheryl wants to work with King Charles or help with his charities. But it is important to note that Payne’s never said this herself.

For now, Cheryl has not been performing that much because she’s focused on raising her son, Bear. However, Cheryl has been very active on social media where she shares photos and videos from her daily life and her time with her son.

When Queen Elizabeth passed away, Cheryl made sure to pay tribute to her. In fact, the entire world is mourning the passing of one of the most hardworking members of the royal family.

Until her final days, she reportedly remained chatty and alert even if she had a hard time eating.