Britney Spears is still estranged from her sons especially after Jayden Federline detailed his rift with his mom during an interview.

A source told Closer UK that Spears will always love her children. However, she’s unsure if their relationship will ever be repaired because she feels Jayden and Preston are influenced by their dad, Kevin Federline.

“Britney loves her boys dearly and that will never change. But right now, they’re not talking and she’s not sure when the situation is going to change. She’s going to pray for them, support them from afar, and wish them nothing but peace and love in their lives moving forward,” the source said.

The source also claimed that Spears is going through a lot right now. Other than her issues with her parents, she’s now dealing with her issues with her sons.

And then there was that recent issue with Christina Aguilera, where she was accused of body-shaming her fellow singer and her backup dancers.

Of course, Spears is also trying her best to focus on her married life to Sam Asghari. After suffering a miscarriage month ago, the couple is not ready to try for their first child.

“Britney really wants to start a family with Sam and to build on what they have, which in her mind is a dream come true and a fairytale fresh start. In an ideal world, she’ll get pregnant naturally and that’s what they’re trying to do right now. But she’s also open to other methods, such as surrogacy and possibly adoption. Her boys will always be in her heart, but she’s focused on her future and not looking back,” the source said.

As of late, Spears has not opened up about her children again. And she has not also talked about her plans to have a baby with Asghari. All these things are just based on the tabloid’s speculations on what Spears and her husband may be looking forward to next.

It is true that Spears will always love her children. But it’s only a matter of time before their problems get resolved.

As for the singer’s plans to have a baby, this would happen in due time. And it will most likely happen naturally. Spears doesn’t have plans to adopt a baby or hire a surrogate to help her out.