A royal expert has some insight into the passing of Queen Elizabeth II.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, Katie Nicholl claimed that the late British Monarch was “never the same” after the Duke of Edinburgh’s passing in 2021. She suggested that the Queen “ultimately died of a broken heart.”

The royal expert explained that the royal couple was together for 74 years, adding that the Prince Consort was the late monarch’s “strength and stay.”

Queen Elizabeth II allegedly was “never the same” when her husband went as he “supported her in everything she did in life.”

Nicholl also asserted that the monarch “would not be the Queen that she was without the support of Philip,” and it was likely that “something in her died” when he passed away.

ET later quoted the royal expert, adding, “[The Queen] held on for as long as she could. She did her constitutional role. She swore in her new Prime Minister. She made sure she tidied everything up, and I think, in the end, she just wanted to be back with him, and I think that’s why we saw that double rainbow over Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle.”

Elsewhere in the exchange with ET, Katie Nicholl described the moment when Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin was lowered down into the royal vault as “very powerful.” She also claimed that the moment was “very difficult” for King Charles III to watch.

The royal expert said, however, that the Queen had it all worked out. She explained that the Duke of Edinburgh’s coffin lies in the same royal vault, adding that they would both be “interned together.”

On Monday, the United Kingdom and the rest of the world bid farewell to Queen Elizabeth II with a “majestic” funeral, which served as both a state and religious service.

CNN said it marked the culmination of ten days of mourning, adding that the funeral also honored the late British Monarch with the pageantry that “she used to promote the British Royal Family and ‘brand Britain’ throughout her life.”

The service took place in Westminster Abbey earlier that day. As noted, it was also where she was crowned as Queen about seven decades ago and married to Prince Philip 75 years ago.

Later on the same day, the late British Monarch and the Duke of Edinburgh were interred together in the King George VI Memorial Chapel. Reports said it houses the remains of King George VI, the Queen Mother, and Princess Margaret.