Kate Middleton is excited for what the future may have in store for her.

Even though she’s now known as the new Princess of Wales, she has no intention of living in her late mother-in-law Princess Diana’s shadow.

While speaking with Closer UK, royal expert Katie Nicholl explained that Middleton will most likely carve out her own path because the last thing that she wants is for her to be compared to Princess Diana.

“Kate’s new role changes everything. The role of the Princess of Wales, which has years of history and heritage, is of course an ever-closer association with the late Princess of Wales, Diana. Her role changes exponentially, as not only is there going to be more work, but more profile and more time in the public gaze,” Nicholl said.

The royal author also stressed the fact that Middleton and Prince William are both very vital to the British monarchy. After all, they will one day become the king and queen of Britain.

“William and Kate both knew this moment would come. They are ready for it. In many ways, Megxit was a good rehearsal for where they find themselves today. The saying ‘behind every great man is a great woman could not be more true. Kate and William are a great team and she will continue to be William’s total support,” she said.

Meanwhile, the new Princess of Wales also showed how doting and caring she is toward her children. Prince George and Princess Charlotte joined the royal family in paying their final respects to Queen Elizabeth.

During the final moments of the queen’s funeral, Princess Charlotte was spotted crying as she remembered her late Gan-Gan. Middleton was then seen consoling her 7-year-old daughter.

Middleton has also been consoling some members of the public. When she greeted the mourners outside Windsor Castle, she came across one royal fan who also cried her heart out.

The mom of three assured the royal fan that it’s OK to cry and said that she also has similar moments. But she reminded everyone that the queen would want her supporters to move forward with their heads held up high.

Of course, there’s no questioning the fact that Middleton has been supporting Prince William. And she will continue to do so until the day that they both die.