Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk are allegedly thinking about expanding their family now that they are back together.

In its Sept. 26 issue, Woman’s Day claimed that Cooper and Shayk returned home with an entirely different perspective following their summer getaway.

And now that their daughter Lea is already 5 years old, the rumored couple thinks it’s time to give her a sibling.

A source claimed that Cooper and Shayk have not gotten back together since they went on a vacation with Lea. But they saw how wonderful it was to be a family unit again that’s why they rekindled their romance.

“It was a real family getaway, and they are considering getting back together. She’s optimistic about having Bradley back in the picture and desperately wants a sibling for Lea,” the source said.

The source said that Cooper and Shayk’s friends are rooting for them to get back together. So, no one would be surprised if they share their plans to expand their family. After all, the A-listers believe they will also have everyone’s support.

The only problem is that Cooper and Shayk have not gotten back together. The exes went on a quick getaway recently so that they could give their daughter, Lea wonderful memories with both her parents.

But the reunion doesn’t prove that the exes got back together after all these years. What it does confirm is that Cooper and Shayk are on good terms despite whatever it is that caused their breakup.

Back in the day, there were whispers that Shayk was the one who called it quits with Cooper because she struggled to cope with the success of his movie, A Star Is Born.

At the time, there were countless rumors linking Cooper to his co-star, Lady Gaga. And the “Poker Face” singer was even accused of the reason behind Cooper and Shayk’s split.

However, Gaga was always clear about her intentions with Cooper. She previously said that they have chemistry because that’s the role that they needed to play. But this doesn’t mean that they were interested in each other.

True enough, after Cooper and Shayk split, the actor and Gaga never became a couple. So, Gaga is unlikely the real reason why Shayk decided to end her years-long relationship with Cooper.