King Charles is focused on his next moves to ensure that he will be able to bring the British monarchy forward.

According to Woman’s Day, King Charles has been consumed with thoughts on how he can take the monarchy forward while still keeping Queen Elizabeth at the forefront.

On top of his duties, King Charles is also mourning the sudden death of his mom. Even though the queen was already 96 years old and everyone knew that she didn’t have long to live, her death still came as a shock to a lot of people.

“He is grieving deeply for his mom. She has been a constant in all our lives but especially his. Charles has a huge job ahead of him and she would have wanted him to get on with things,” the source said.

After the queen passed away on Sept. 8, King Charles released a statement expressing his love and fondness for the late monarch. And according to royal reporter Max Foster, the dad of two worked on his speech for the queen’s death for years.

“Charles has been an heir to the throne since he was three. He’s had plenty of time to practice,” the source said.

And since King Charles was an heir for decades, he also witnessed a lot of changes not only to the monarchy but also in the world throughout his lifetime.

“He has lived through the decline of deference. He has been much more open than the queen because he comes from a generation that has been much more open. We will see his humanity and his humor as we have always done,” the source said.

As of late, King Charles has not had the opportunity to focus on his job since the queen’s passing. After all, his attention is focused solely on the final moments when he could mourn the death of Her Majesty.

After the mourning period is completed, King Charles would finally have the opportunity to commence his work as the monarch of Britain. He is expected to continue the queen’s legacy while also starting her own.

There are also predictions claiming that he might shake up the monarchy. But of course, he wouldn’t do anything drastic to cause the public from losing their trust and respect for him.