Brad Pitt and Ana de Armas allegedly forged a close friendship ever since they were cast in the movie Blonde together.

But even after the filming for their project wrapped up, the A-listers still continued to talk to each other regularly.

In fact, an unnamed source told New Idea that Pitt couldn’t contain his excitement every time he reads his conversations with de Armas. After all, they are very sweet and flirty toward each other.

“Brad loved seeing their long conversations and hours together planning turn into what could be an Oscar win for Ana. After a lot of hard work, they’re enjoying celebrating the film together,” the source said.

The insider claimed that de Armas couldn’t sometimes fathom that she was able to work with Pitt because this is a huge dream for a lot of actresses like her.

“She’s just pinching herself that she’s been able to work alongside Brad and stand next to him on the world’s most famous red carpet. She found Brad totally captivating on set,” the source said.

Eagle-eyed fans are also convinced that Pitt and de Armas share a unique connection with each other. After all, the sparks between them flew while they were on the red carpet.

“With his confidence taking a hit due to his long-running messy divorce and custody proceedings, Brad’s little red carpet flirt fest with Ana, even if not too serious, is sure to be putting a little deserved pep into his step too,” the source said.

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt. It’s not true that de Armas and Pitt have been flirting with each other. The A-listers just seemed extra friendly on the red carpet because they have become good friends after working on Blonde together.

It’s not true that there’s something romantic going on between the two or that they are both interested in pursuing a relationship with the other person.

As of late, Pitt and de Armas are nothing more than friends. And it is important to note that de Armas is in a relationship right now so she wouldn’t necessarily cheat on her boyfriend with Pitt.

All these rumors are just meant to help de Armas and Pitt promote their movie. But there’s really no truth to them.