Naomi Judd was allegedly already wasting away before she finally decided to take her own life with a gunshot to the head.

In its Sept. 26 issue, Globe claimed that months prior to her suicide, Judd has been taking and mixing different types of drugs for her illnesses and other issues.

A postmortem of the singer’s remains revealed that she had antidepressants, ecstasy-type designer drugs, Alzheimer’s medications, and more in her system.

Florida-based oncologist Dr. Jerome Spunberg was shocked to learn that there were a ton of drugs in Judd’s system.

“I know she was suffering from depression but that’s a lot of drugs. I don’t think mixing all these drugs was a good idea. Sometimes people have multiple doctors and they all prescribe different things. And the doctors aren’t aware what the other one’s giving and then the patient’s taking all these pills all at once,” he said.

Prior to her death, Judd had also gone under the knife because of the plastic surgeries and other treatments that she has undergone. And to deal with the pain from these surgeries, she must have been prescribed pain meds.

Meanwhile, the source also claimed that Judd’s family discovered a slew of information about the singer after her death after they opened her suitcase. One of the authorities noticed faint writing on her palm that reads “suitcase.” And when the family opened it, they found documents and other important items.

“All of her important paperwork was in the suitcase. She wanted to let her family know to look in the suitcase. I heard she was buried at home in Tennessee and part of her ashes went somewhere else, maybe scattered at sea,” the source said.

But even though it’s true that Judd had a string of mental health and physical illnesses, there’s no indication that she mixed drugs and drowned herself in them.

An investigation learned that there were drugs in the singer’s system but it wasn’t because she drank them for no reason. Judd was prescribed different types of medications because of her health problems.

As of late, all the important information regarding Judd’s death will come only from her family and the authorities and not from the tabloids. So, it’s best to listen to their reports instead.