Lisa Kudrow has always allegedly been very insecure even with her female co-stars on Friends.

National Enquirer claimed that Kudrow always felt that she never measured up to the likes of Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox because they are more successful and popular than her.

“Lisa has a lot of insecurities and it has an impact on how she shows up in the world. It definitely drove a wedge between her and the girls on Friends because she felt like she didn’t measure up. Now, she can talk about it but back then she’d just put on this gruff attitude and sometimes be downright mean. So, of course, Jen and Courteney avoided her,” the source said.

Even though the three female A-listers starred in Friends for years, the source claimed that Kudrow never really warmed up to Aniston and Cox. The two have become the best of friends, and Kudrow seemed like a third wheel in the group.

“Even to this day, they hardly spend time with her because there’s just this big wall that she puts up around herself,” the source said.

Last week, several tabloids alleged that Kudrow has been losing friends in Hollywood left and right after The Hills alum Spencer Pratt dubbed the actress as one of the worst humans he has ever met.

Shortly after, Bethenny Frankel shared her own harrowing stories about Kudrow being icy and unapproachable during their first meeting years ago.

Kudrow has not responded to the allegations but what’s more shocking is that none of her co-stars from Friends came out to defend her.

The lack of defense from Aniston and Cox was somewhat expected but the fact that David Schwimmer, Matt LeBlanc, and Matthew Perry all stayed mum about the issue was allegedly a punch in the gut.

However, there’s a reason why Kudrow opted to stay silent on the matter. It is possible that the actress doesn’t want to make a big fuss about it.

It’s also possible for her Friends co-stars to have reached out to her in private since this is a better way to comfort her than in public.

As of late, there’s no proof that Kudrow did not get along with Aniston and Cox or that she was insecure with her Friends co-stars.