Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle reportedly decided to make peace for good for the sake of Queen Elizabeth.

But even before they reunited last weekend, a source claimed that Middleton already reached out to Markle days earlier.

When the Princess of Wales learned that Markle and Prince Harry will be in the UK for a series of engagements, she immediately freed up her schedule to have a face-to-face chat with her sister-in-law.

According to a source for Star, Middleton invited Markle to have tea with her while the latter was in town. However, their plans were never pushed through due to the passing of the queen.

“It’s not secret that Kate and Meghan have experienced their own issues, but deep down she just wants to put an end to William and Harry’s war. So, they always have each other. She can read William like a book and knew he would go ballistic if she told him,” the source said.

When the sisters-in-law finally had the opportunity to talk, the first thing that Middleton and Markle talked about were their spouses.

“They started off talking about Harry and William but soon began talking about themselves. Seeing each other one-on-one opened the door for them to talk through their own differences,” the source said.

Middleton and Markle also allegedly exchanged apologies during their conversation. Prince William’s wife told Markle that she was sorry for not being there when she needed her the most.

Markle, on the other hand, apologized to the future queen consort for everything that she said about her and her husband.

The in-laws also allegedly talked about their journey as mothers and shared how fulfilled they are about being moms.

But as ideal as their conversation might sound, there’s no truth to it. Middleton and Markle did not have a conversation before or even after the queen passed away.

They only reunited to pay their final respects to the monarch but this doesn’t mean that they already buried the hatchet.

In fact, a body language expert just accused Middleton of giving Markle icy glares during their outing which left the latter feeling uncomfortable.

If the observations were true, this proves that Middleton and Markle are not on good terms yet. But royal fans are hoping that they will be able to resolve all their issues someday.