Amber Heard has allegedly been reaching out to anyone who might be willing to help her out. And she recently had her sights set on Angelina Jolie.

In its Sept. 26 issue, Star claimed that Heard wants to Jolie and ask for the Maleficent star’s advice. After all, Heard is struggling to recover after losing the defamation lawsuit that Johnny Depp filed against her.

“Amber has a list of high-profile figures in Hollywood to approach for help. Angie is right at the top. Amber has it in her head that she and Angie are kindred spirits who’d be this dream pairing,” the source said.

However, the admiration isn’t allegedly mutual because Jolie doesn’t feel the same way about Heard.

“Angie isn’t interested in striking up a friendship with someone as notorious as Amber. And she’s got a soft spot for Johnny, so Amber’s out of luck,” the source said.

It’s unclear why Heard and Jolie are even being linked to each other in the first place. It seems that Heard is rumored to want to reach out to Jolie because the actress previously worked with Depp.

However, it is common knowledge that Jolie and Depp have a wonderful relationship with each other so it’s senseless for Heard to want to team up with the mom of six.

In fact, there are previous rumors claiming that Depp even developed feelings for Jolie when they starred in a movie years ago. However, the A-listers never acted on their feelings for each other.

As for Heard, there are claims that she’s already being canceled by Hollywood. Even though she hasn’t been completely axed from Aquaman, Heard herself revealed that her scenes were narrowed down to just a few.

Heard previously accused Depp of assaulting her during the span of their marriage. To prove her claims, she even released photos of her bruised face and body.

The court sided with Heard on the matter, but they didn’t side with her in the defamation case that Depp filed against her.

The actress was found guilty of defaming Depp in her op-ed piece even though she did not directly name her ex-husband in her essay.

As of late, there’s no chance for Heard and Depp to reconcile. And they are both required to pay each other millions in damages.