Ashton Kutcher reportedly has a new outlook on life after his recent health scare.

According to Us Weekly, the actor was recently diagnosed with an autoimmune disease called vasculitis that left him temporarily blind, deaf, and unable to walk.

He has completely recovered from the diagnosis and Kutcher wants to make sure that he would always make the most of his life now that he has a second chance at it.

“Ashton’s health scare was terrifying and painful and really turned his world upside down for a long time. The anxiety and panic over the effects of this illness might have were beyond gut-wrenching. He has a whole new outlook on life after everything he went through,” the source said.

Of course, Kutcher wouldn’t have recovered fully from his diagnosis without the help of his doting wife, Mila Kunis. According to the source, Kutcher feels fortunate that he has his soulmate to lean on during such a difficult time.

“Mila was terrified of losing Ashton and this has made their bond grow even stronger,” the source said.

Even though Kutcher has fully recovered from his illness, doctors are advising him to get regular checkups because vasculitis could recur. In fact, some people diagnosed with it get re-diagnosed after years.

Luckily, Kutcher is committed to making sure that he wouldn’t experience the same scary illness again.

“He’s getting regular checkups, and he and Mila are getting plenty of exercises and staying healthy. Making every second count with his family is something he’s committed to now more than ever. He’s not sweating the small stuff and counts himself so fortunate… to enjoy this amazing life he’s so lucky to have,” the source said.

It is true that Kutcher was diagnosed with vasculitis and that he has fully recovered from it. However, the actor has not shared what the diagnosis meant to him and how it changed his life.

Even though it’s highly likely for Kutcher to be grateful for his wife throughout the whole ordeal, the actor never spoke with the publication to share his thoughts about what happened.

As of late, it’s unclear what treatments and medicines Kutcher needs to take to help him get better fully. But his fans could not wait to see him back on the big screen again.