King Charles III was the longest-serving Prince of Wales and Heir Apparent. With his decades of experience holding the royal posts, a royal commentator reportedly believes that these will make him the “best monarch” the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth realms have ever had.

Express UK said the comments were from Victoria Howard, who recently shared some thoughts about the new British Monarch’s potential way of ruling. During an engagement with Matt Frei of Channel 4, she is claimed to have asserted that the former Prince of Wales “has a great number of years of training.”

The royal commentator reportedly recalled how the King “once said that the ‘royals are much like monkeys: they learn by watching their parents.’” She is stated to have consequently noted that the royal “had 70 years to watch the Queen,” learning from her, learning what she does, and learning how she approaches things during her reign.

The publication later quoted the royal expert, reportedly claiming, “So, I think [King Charles III] is the best-prepared King we’ve ever had.”

In the same exchange, though, Matt Frei of Channel 4 reportedly argued that while the new monarch learned a lot of things from Queen Elizabeth II, there would be a difference in the “tone and style.” Howard is said to have agreed, saying, “I don’t expect him to be much like his mother.”

The outlet shared that the royal commentator explained why she believes so, noting that the former Prince of Wales “has a lot of opinions on things.” She is claimed to have countered, however, that the new British Monarch “has shown he is going to dial that back,” adding that “he will be the apolitical monarch that he is expected to be as part of the Constitution.”

King Charles III immediately became the British Monarch following the death of Queen Elizabeth II on Thursday. He chose to use his given name as his regnal name, with BBC noting that it was the first decision he made in his reign.

Camilla Parker Bowles, the new monarch’s wife, also has a new royal title. She is now the Queen Consort, with the blessing of the late Queen Elizabeth II, which she publicly gave earlier this year.

While the former Prince of Wales automatically became the King of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth realms upon his mother’s passing, he will still need to be officially proclaimed and crowned as such.

The publication said it is expected that the official proclamation will occur on Saturday, in front of the Accession Council, at St James’s Palace in London.

As for the coronation, it is reportedly not likely to happen very soon after King Charles III's accession due to the necessary preparations.