Sarah Hyland and Well Adams are allegedly gearing for the next chapter of their lives. Following their wedding, the couple is now keen to start their own family.

A source told Star that Hyland and Adams do not want to waste time before they have a baby. In fact, they are already trying to conceive for the past couple of weeks.

“Now, they’re keen to have kids fairly soon – if not right away,” the source said.

The source also said that Hyland and Adams’ wedding was such a magical dream not just for the couple but also for their guests. In fact, their union also served as the perfect opportunity for the cast of Modern Family to reunite.

“It was a beautiful event and Sarah was super emotional saying her vows,” the source said.

Hyland and Adams first met in 2016 after they exchanged messages on social media. A few years into their relationship and some of their family and friends were already asking if they were ready to tie the knot.

The couple decided to wait, and it was the best decision that they have ever done.

“They’re telling each other it was worth the wait. Sarah and Wells waited so long for this day,” the source said.

Prior, during, and after their wedding, photos of Hyland and Adams were shared online via the social media accounts of their friends.

Sofia Vergara shared several snaps from the couple’s nuptials, which she attended sans her husband, Joe Manganiello. Instead, America’s Got Talent judge was accompanied by her son, Manolo to the wedding.

Following Manganiello’s absence, rumors swirled that Vergara and her husband could be having problems in their marriage.

However, this isn’t the case, Manganiello was unable to attend the wedding due to his conflicting work schedules. And not because he and Vergara are feuding or are on the brink of a divorce.

Other than Vergara, Modern Family alum Jesse Tyler Ferguson also shared several snaps from the nuptials. Other cast members that were there include Nolan Gould, and more.

For now, Hyland and Adams have not expressed any plans to start their own family. Even though this may be a possibility, the couple has not said so themselves so the tabloid is merely speculating about the couple’s plans.