Vladimir Putin was allegedly the one who ordered a hit on Alexander Dugin, but he failed.

According to Globe, Putin is notorious for snuffing out his allies the minute that he feels that they are betraying or failing him. And that’s exactly what he did to Dugin. However, he wasn’t the one who died but his daughter, who was technically innocent.

“As usual, Putin is blaming the fatal bombing on Ukrainian terrorists, but that’s typical of his cowardly assassinations – to accuse others or stage the murders as suicides. Putin loved Dugin early on because the writer encouraged expanding Russia by gobbling up weaker neighboring countries. But Dugin has become a thorn in Putin’s side,” the source said.

The irony of the situation was that Dugin’s daughter, Darya was a huge supporter of Putin. In fact, she was a journalist who supported Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

Following her death, Dugin was rushed to the hospital after he suffered a massive heart attack.

“Putin is notorious for purging former pals including six oligarchs who were said to have committed suicide this year before they could tell Western agents where to seize the dictator’s hidden $200 billion fortune. Kremlin murders. There’s big money involved in all these killings,” the source said.

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt. Even though Putin is known for getting rid of his enemies, there’s no proof that he wanted Dugin dead.

In fact, initial reports revealed that the target of the attack was the Russian president himself. He was supposed to ride the car with Dugin, but the latter decided to exchange cars with his daughter.

So, when the bomb exploded, Darya was the one inside the vehicle. And she was also the one that died.

It’s not true that Putin wanted Dugin dead because the latter even protected and save him from being attacked by his real enemies.

It seems that these things are easily pinned on Putin because of his long list of enemies and misconduct. But this time around, there’s no proof that he’s to blame for what happened.

Meanwhile, Putin has also been making headlines because of his alleged health issues. But until today, he has not confirmed any illness or has not shared any diagnosis from his doctors and physicians.