Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles, and Prince William are allegedly doing everything that they can to make sure that Prince Andrew wouldn’t be able to make a royal comeback.

After reaching a settlement with Virginia Roberts Giuffre, Prince Andrew has allegedly been expressing his desire to return to the royal fold. However, the settlement doesn’t mean that he’s forgiven for all the problems he’s caused the royal family.

So, a source told Globe that the three senior royals are making sure that the Duke of York wouldn’t be welcomed back into The Firm because he’s still a disgrace.

“Andrew is practically broke and the only way he can make money is by getting back his old job of representing the royal family. Previously, he used his royal celebrity as an entry into questionable business deals, but now, he is considered poison even by his former toady business associates and friends,” the source said.

The source added that even though Prince Andrew is still the queen’s favorite son, the monarch doesn’t want to maintain a working relationship with him.

“His mother is furious with the disgrace he’s brought to the monarchy. His disgusted brother Charles and nephew William, who are in line to take the throne when Elizabeth passes, are leaving him to rot. He’s out – considered a leper by his own blood,” the source said.

But the Duke of York is also struggling financially. And he doesn’t have much to support his family.

“Andrew’s living in a world of hurt and denial. He appears convinced his scandal can be swept under the rug and forgiven by decree. But Her Majesty and future kings William and Charles know he’s a poison fungus that could rot the Windsor dynasty,” the source said.

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt. As of late, there’s no proof that Prince Andrew expressed a desire to return to the royal family or even to his royal duties.

All reports claiming that this is the case came from outsiders and those that Prince Andrew never spoke to. This means that they are speculating on what the Duke of York might want to do after his name was cleared in relation to the sexual abuse cases thrown against him by Giuffre.

For now, Prince Andrew continues to live as a private citizen in England.