Brad Pitt was previously accused of physically and verbally abusing Angelina Jolie while they were on a plane in 2016. At the time, their eldest son, Maddox got in the way of his parents arguing and ended up fighting with Pitt.

But according to Us Weekly, this is not the correct order of events. The tabloid accused Jolie of provoking Pitt in the hopes that she would get a stern reaction from him. And if she does, Jolie believed that she would have better grounds when she files for divorce.

“It was a trap. Angelina provoked Brad and he fell for it. She wanted to get Brad arrested,” the source said.

But shortly after she filed for divorce, Jolie allegedly struggled to deal with her conscience and decided that she wanted Pitt back. After all, the Maleficent actress knew that she was in the wrong for what happened on the plane.

“There was a time after the divorce was filed when Angelina wanted Brad back but in his eyes, it was too late to reconcile. But he still cares about her and wants her to be happy and healthy and the best mother she can be for their children,” the source said.

Meanwhile, Pitt was recently photographed in South Korea while promoting his new movie, Bullet Train. The source said that the dad of six looked especially happy even after his name was dragged into an old scandal again.

Pitt’s happiness stems from the success of his latest project since Bullet Train already raked in $150 million at the box office.

According to the source, there’s one person who isn’t celebrating Pitt’s success and it’s Jolie. In fact, the Ad Astra actor should be worried because every time something good happens to him, Jolie tries to steal it away by making her complaints known.

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt. As of late, there’s no proof that Jolie trapped Pitt by provoking him while they were on the plane.

And it’s not also true that the actress wanted to get back together with her ex-husband shortly after she filed for divorce.

All these claims are just made up by the tabloid and are not accurate. Today, Jolie and Pitt are still not on good terms.