Salma Hayek recently showered Angelina Jolie with praise. She even called her a “genius,” adding that she was “blown away” by several things about her fellow star.

Mail Online noted that the 55-year-old celebrity shared nothing but kind words toward Jolie during her recent interview with Deadline. During the exchange, she discussed what it was like working with the “Maleficent” actress on their new film, “Without Blood,” wherein Jolie was serving as a writer and director.

Hayek said, “Angelina is the best director” she has ever worked with, adding that she is a “genius,” who did “an amazing job” in the material. She also shared that she “absolutely loved working with her” and “enjoyed every second of it.”

The outlet consequently quoted the “Frida” actress, saying, “I was completely blown away by her mind, her dedication, her technical knowledge, and her control of every aspect, as well as her vision which is so clear.

It continues, “She is so good with the actors, so passionate, and so focused. But most of all, I was blown away by her kindness to every single person on the set.”

Salma Hayek also revealed that she talked about it with her co-star Demian Bichir. She said they were saying that Angelina Jolie is “really something.”

The “Bliss” actress and the “Tomb Raider” star previously worked together on “Eternals” for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Their newest work for “Without Blood” marks their second collaboration, with Salma Hayek serving as a cast member.

Variety said the film is a “fable set in the aftermath of an unidentified conflict" in the countryside of Italy. It follows a young girl named Nina after witnessing an act of violence.

“Without Blood” is an adaptation of Alessandro Baricco’s best-selling novel of the same name. It also reportedly serves as Angelina Jolie’s debut film for Fremantle as part of her three-year deal with the production and distribution company.

Elsewhere in the interview with Deadline, Salma Hayek talked about her recently produced series “Santa Evita,” via her Ventanarosa Production company, for Hulu. As noted, the material is about Argentina’s former First Lady, Eva Perón, and “it dives into some of the mysteries” that followed her death.

The actress shared that “Eva Peron is a super charismatic character,” adding that “there have been so many [projects] made about her.” However, “‘Santa Evita’ is based on a part of [her] story that is a mystery which is, following her death, she was embalmed by her husband, and then [her body] disappeared for nearly 20 years.”

The series, which stars Natalia Oreiro in the titular role, is currently available on Hulu for streaming.