Meghan Markle and Prince Harry continue to face criticisms that they are trying to destroy the British Monarchy. However, some royal commentators argue otherwise, saying they are “modernizing” it and ensuring its survival.

Speaking to Insider, Kristen Meinzer stated that the monarchy has the “Sussexes to thank” if it survives for the next century. She explained the former working royals “helped bring the [royal Firm] to this point,” wherein senior members speak about issues such as racism.

The U.S.-based royal commentator continued that the members of the British Royal Family “skirted around” such issues before the arrival of the Duchess of Sussex at the royal Firm. 

Meinzer later emphasized that the Sussex couple, especially Meghan Markle, could not possibly be attempting to destroy the British Monarchy. She noted that the former actress, after all, advocated for “humanitarian issues long before she met” the royal-born Prince.

Another royal commentator, Grant Harrold, seemingly has similar assertions about the former working royals. 

Speaking to the same publication, he said he does “not believe for a second that Prince Harry would intentionally try to destroy the [British] Monarchy.” He noted that he “would not put it past the royal-born Prince to want to modernize it… to make people aware of things that have gone on that are wrong.”

The commentator, who worked at the palace as a butler to Prince Charles and claimed he personally knew the Duke of Sussex, also argued that the Firm’s HR department will likely use his and the Duchess of Sussex’s feedback to make the institution better.

Harrold explained that he speaks from personal experience before revealing he was always encouraged to raise concerns during his employment at the palace.

The publication requested comments from Buckingham Palace’s representatives, as well as from Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s camp. However, no official word has been heard yet.

The royal commentators’ arguments come after claims of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex trying to destroy the British Monarchy have surfaced across media platforms. Reports said that Tom Bower and Piers Morgan recently made the statements during an engagement for “Piers Morgan Uncensored.”

The former, who authored “Revenge: Meghan, Harry and the War Between the Windsors,” told the latter that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle “pose a real threat” to the British Royal Family. He even went as far as to say that the former actress is “doing something dreadful to Britain,” according to Mail Online.

The television personality seemingly agreed, reportedly saying, “I think they are destroying a lot of the magic of the monarchy.