Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck allegedly have five marriage rules that they agreed to live by to ensure that their marriage would last.

A source told Life & Style that Affleck and Lopez agreed to do things differently this time around. After all, they already experienced what it’s like to break up just because of their differences.

“Ben and J.Lo made these rules to keep themselves accountable and to remind them that their relationship always comes first. That’s something that didn’t always happen in the past,” the source said.

One of the couple’s rules has to do with not spending more than five days apart from each other. This means that if one of them is working overseas, the other needs to fly to where their partner is so that they can spend some time with each other.

“They’re also really going to make an effort to stagger projects. It’ll be hard because Ben and J.Lo are both so busy, but worth it in the end,” the source said.

The second rule has to do with Affleck and Lopez communicating with each other regularly. Whenever possible, the couple agreed to go on FaceTime daily. This way they can be updated on what each other is doing.

Additionally, Affleck and Lopez also agreed to take child-free vacations regularly. Even though they enjoy hanging out with their respective children and each other’s kids, the couple also needs to have some alone time with each other.

The A-listers are also in agreement when it comes to their arguments. Lopez and Affleck vowed to never make a big deal out of their issues. And whatever issues they had in the past they will no longer bring up.

And since they both come from the entertainment industry, Lopez and Affleck know that it’s important to keep their jobs separate from their personal lives.

This was a mistake that they committed years ago when they merged their personal life with their professional life. In the end, their relationship struggled and they ended up calling off their engagement.

While it is true that Lopez and Affleck are committed to making their marriage work this time around, it’s not true that the couple has these five rules that they agreed to abide by.

It’s obvious that the tabloid just made it up to make it seem as though Lopez and Affleck are that serious about their marriage.