Ghislaine Maxwell allegedly agreed to turn her back on some of her and Jeffrey Epstein’s close pals in exchange for a backroom agreement with Joe Biden.

A source told National Enquirer that even though a lot of high-profile personalities were linked to Epstein and Maxwell’s sexual abuse plot, the latter is just focused on targeting Prince Andrew, Donald Trump, and Bill Clinton. After all, Joe Biden wants to get to know the dirt surrounding the three men.

“It’s clear Ghislaine has made some sort of deal behind the scenes. She’s a sex offender who hardly showed any remorse for her crimes and tried to blame everything on Epstein. She should be doing a hard time, not gardening,” the source said.

Texas lawyer Joe Gutheinz is also convinced that Epstein already made a plea deal that’s why she’s experiencing laxer treatment while in prison. And unlike her jail mates, Maxwell has been attending informal counseling to help her process her struggles.

“She’ll still have a target on her back, but at least the gang members will have been weeded out. Given her proclivities, her loneliness, her desperation, and her perversions, I have no doubt that Ghislaine has been eyeing potential prison lovers since the moment she got into the general population,” the source said.

And even though there’s no denying the fact that Maxwell did the underage woman wrong, the source claimed that she also needs protection while in prison. After all, a lot of people have been trying to take her down. And there are also fears that she could follow in Epstein’s footsteps. The latter took his own life after realizing that he had no way out.

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt. As of late, there’s no proof that Maxwell is plotting to expose the dirt on Trump, Clinton, and Prince Andrew just so she could get a plea deal or a pardon from Biden.

Ever since she was sent to prison, Maxwell has been mum about the people who were involved in her and Epstein’s sex trafficking deeds. And by the looks of it, this is how things will continue to progress.

For now, there’s no reason for Maxwell to rat anyone out because she won’t be getting pardoned anyway.