Queen Elizabeth is allegedly dying at 96 and she has one important wish, claimed by National Enquirer, the monarchy hopes that her grandson, Prince Harry would finally come to his senses about Meghan Markle.

“I’m told the queen’s dying wish is for Harry to come to his senses and ditch Meghan. It’s the only way he can ever go home again,” the source said.

Prince Harry has allegedly been wanting to return home to Britain for the past couple of months. But he has been unable to do so because Markle is preventing him.

The Duchess of Sussex is forcing Prince Harry to stay in America for the rest of their lives even though she’s aware that her husband is not happy there.

In Tom Bower’s book, Markle was also accused of a number of rude things and one of which is that she banned Prince Harry from reuniting with the royal family ever again.

“The new revelations are no surprise at the palace. Meghan’s been pegged as a ruthless social climber who’ll do anything to get to the top,” the source said.

Meanwhile, the insider also claimed that the queen put her foot down when it comes to Markle and Prince Harry’s Netflix deals. Ahead of the Platinum Jubilee, there were rumors that the couple would be bringing in cameras to record their return to the United Kingdom.

“She will not allow them to cash in on their royal connections for their megabucks Netflix documentary,” the source said.

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt. First, it’s not true that the queen is dying. Even though she’s already 96 years old and has scaled back on her royal duties, she’s still healthy and well.

Second, it’s not also accurate for the tabloid to say that the queen’s dying wish is for Prince Harry to come to his senses about Markle. After all, the monarch gave the Sussexes her blessing to tie the know four years ago.

Additionally, it’s not also correct for the tabloid to say that the queen wants Prince Harry to return to the United Kingdom. When she allowed her grandson to step back from his royal duties, the queen understood that this meant Prince Harry will no longer reside in England.