Kourtney Kardashian is accused of being desperate for attention after everything that she has been doing to her husband, Travis Barker.

Just recently, the reality TV star posted a photo of her feet stuck up on Barker’s nose. The image was meant to show how comfortable the couple is with each other but their critics thought otherwise.

According to National Enquirer, a lot of people were enraged after seeing Kardashian’s deed because no matter how much Barker loves her, it’s still unhygienic for her to put her toes up his nose.

A source then claimed that the only other reason Kardashian did what she did is that she was desperate for attention and likes.

“Nobody wants to see her toes but when you’re as desperate for continued attention as they are, it seems we all have to suffer it. Thankfully, it looks like she at least just had a pedicure,” the source said.

Since they started dating, Kardashian and Barker have already been accused of being too much because of their over-the-top PDA. While some of their family and friends adore their sweetness, others have been questioning why they act the way that they do.

In The Kardashians, the couple has been photographed canoodling with each other nonstop even when their family members are around. In one of the episodes, Kardashian sat on Barker’s lap while he touched his bum and everyone in the tabloid rolled their eyes.

On another occasion, some members of the Kardashian clan couldn’t help but call out the mom of three after she and Barker shared a steamy kiss while everyone was watching.

And even Kardashian’s only daughter, Penelope couldn’t help but ask Barker at one point why he keeps touching her mom’s buttocks.

But regardless of what other people might think and say, it seems unlikely for Kardashian and Barker to have any care in the world.

The couple still engages in PDA and they proudly share how sweet they are to their millions of followers. And it seems the couple’s mantra is if their followers do not like what they see, they can unfollow their social media accounts.

At the end of the day, it is Kardashian and Barker’s social media accounts so they can upload what they want to share there.