Tom Cruise is enjoying his success following the release of Top Gun: Maverick. However, his happiness was allegedly cut short after he was dragged into an ongoing issue surrounding his religion – Scientology.

A source told National Enquirer that Cruise doesn’t have anything to do with the rape allegations directed that Scientologist Danny Masterson. But bringing the allegations to light means that Cruise’s success would have to be set aside.

The source claimed that the three women who accused Masterson of rape won’t likely succeed. But if they do, they can turn religion upside down.

“However, it does succeed in bringing this case – and the women’s claims – back into the public eye, right when Tom is trying to have his time to shine savoring the success of Top Gun: Maverick,” the source said.

A second source claimed that if Masterson would be proven to be guilty of rape, it’s unlikely for Cruise to be safe. Even though the actor hasn’t been accused of the same evil deeds, the second source claimed that the fact that he’s a Scientologist could mean that he would no longer receive awards from the Academy.

Meanwhile, even though Cruise has not turned his back on his religion, another source claimed that the actor doesn’t want to talk about anything related to Scientology.

“Their screening project is just rock solid. And whenever Scientology comes up, Tom is really good at changing the subject,” the source said.

This isn’t the first time that Cruise was dragged into his religion’s scandals. Over a year ago, several A-listers came forward after quitting Scientology and they exposed the dirt on the religion.

They also accused Cruise of being devoted to Scientology because he is the religion’s poster child.

Other tabloids previously alleged that Cruise has been wanting to quit Scientology but he has not been able to amid fears. Still, others claimed that two of Cruise’s marriages failed because of his involvement in the religion.

For instance, Cruise failed to recruit Nicole Kidman and Katie Holmes to be part of Scientology. And this allegedly affected his marriages to the A-listers.

However, it’s unclear if all these claims about Cruise and Scientology are true. After all, the actor rarely talks about his religion in public. And it seems that he’s not also allowed to do so.