Angelina Jolie and The Weeknd have decided that they are better off as friends.

In its Aug. 15 issue, National Enquirer claimed that Jolie and The Weeknd tried to see if there will be sparks between them. But unfortunately, they were just short-lived.

A source claimed that the A-listers are better off as friends because of their shared passion for charity work. But this is the only thing that they have in common.

In fact, The Weeknd has more in common with Jolie’s children, who are also closer to his age. After all, the actress’s kids love The Weeknd’s music.

“There were definitely sparks between her and him, but nothing has come of it. They were talking about working together on a few projects she’s developing. There was chemistry, but now the projects and their potential relationship have fizzled,” the source said.

In December, it was already reported that Jolie and The Weeknd failed to make anything out of the brief chemistry that they shared.

At the time, the Maleficent star was already being linked to his dialect coach in Salt several years ago.

According to OK! Magazine, Jolie was desperate to find love so when her budding romance with The Weeknd did not progress, she decided that she wants to pursue a relationship with her former dialect coach.

“She remembers this particular man well and wants to resume a romance with him, no strings attached. Angelina’s hoping to pick up where she left off with her former flame. The brunette bombshell believes it would be easier to meet up with him for some discreet romps instead of trying to recreate that same passion with someone else,” the source said.

However, over a year has already passed and there’s still no proof that Jolie ever pursued her dialect coach or that she and The Weeknd shared something special.

It’s obvious that fans have an obsession with Jolie’s love life for the simple reason that she’s still single six years after her divorce from Brad Pitt.

However, the actress previously told E! News that she’s single because of her ultra-high dating standards. As such, Jolie doesn’t think that any man would be up to par with her. And she’s also dedicated to her craft and her children that’s why she’s not interested in dating anyone.