It takes more than making appearances and fulfilling attendances to become one of the most hardworking senior members of the British Royal Family. As it happens, it also needs “diligent preparation,’ and Kate Middleton is reportedly doing that.

Speaking to People, an insider claimed that the future Queen Consort “always does her homework.” She reportedly “stays informed” as much as possible before taking on a public engagement or appearance.

It is also said that the Duchess of Cambridge “does not go on visits on a wing and a prayer.” As revealed, she reads the papers and “puts in the effort,” adding that she is a "hardworking person."

The claims come after historian Amanda Foreman told the magazine that Kate Middleton has a quality similar to Queen Elizabeth. She said that the former, like the latter, is “able to make each person feel that they are being seen for the three seconds she talks to them.

The expert, who authored “Queen Victoria’s Buckingham Palace,” asserted that not all people have this kind of quality. She pointed out that there are some “who simply can’t do” what the future Queen Consort does when talking to others.

Foreman explained that it “projects immediacy and makes it feel intimate,” before describing it as amazing. She consequently stated that this quality of the Duchess of Cambridge comes from “training plus innate talent.”

Meanwhile, the British Monarch’s biographer, Sally Bedell Smith said Prince William’s wife “has learned by observing.” She told the same magazine that the royal “knows what resonates,” and “will have absorbed a lot from this Queen.”

Earlier this year, Princess Diana’s former chief of staff shared good words and sang praises toward Kate Middleton. It came as the British Royal Family faced an “ongoing sea of scandal,” with the former aide noting that the “monarchy is in desperate need of reassuringly conventional royal performers,” according to Page Six.

Speaking to The Post, Patrick Jephson asserted, at the time, that the Duchess of Cambridge is “what these troubled royal times need.” He even went as far as to say that the future of the Windsors “lies in her hand,” and “it is no exaggeration.”

The former royal aide later pointed out that the British Monarchy is the “ultimate long game” as “royalty is for life and its time horizons are infinite,” adding that it is far different from “business, politics, or media stardom.” He then stated that Kate Middleton “has mastered that long game,” which is a “very significant achievement.”