Meghan Markle’s body language during her and Prince Harry’s recent engagements reportedly shows she loves her husband “very much.”

The Mirror said that the assertions came from expert Darren Stanton, who analyzed and observed some of the former working royal’s “subtle” gestures these past few months. As stated, “she very much plays the role of his biggest supporter in their relationship,” adding that she boosts the royal-born Prince’s “confidence in situations where he is not feeling as self-assured.”

The body language pro explained that these “tell-tale gestures” have helped the Duke of Sussex “to feel at ease” over the years. He consequently cited the Duchess of Sussex’s elbow-touching and hand or arm-holding during public engagements as some examples.

It is also claimed that Prince Harry sees Meghan Markle “as his rock,” adding that “there is no denying” in it as it shows in her “protective and comforting gesture,” such as subtly placing her hand on his back.

Stanton later pointed out, as well, that the former actress was previously used to being the center of attention. But, he believes that these days, “she is more than content letting Prince Harry take center stage.”

Elsewhere in the report, the body language expert discussed how in love the two former working royals are after all these years. He asserted that the pair are “deeply in love” with each other, and this shows with the way the Duchess of Sussex looks at the Duke of Sussex “with a fixed gaze.”

Darren Stanton made similar claims to Hello! magazine earlier in May, marking Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s fourth wedding anniversary. As stated, the former working royals come across as “very much in love” with each other, adding that their public displays of affection have increased over the years.

The outlet quoted the body language expert, saying, “Not only are their hands intertwined but their forearms also touch, signifying the deep connection they have.”

It continues, “This was not so prevalent in the early days of their relationship as it now, proving how their relationship has strengthened and evolved over time.”

Earlier in March, royal author Tom Quinn also said Prince Harry is “madly in love” with Meghan Markle.

Express UK noted at the time that the expert made his thoughts known during an episode of the “To Di For Daily” podcast.

The author, who penned “Kensington Palace: An Intimate Memoir from Queen Mary to Meghan Markle,” reportedly stated, as well, that there was not anything the Duke of Sussex would not do for his wife.