Britney Spears is allegedly struggling to handle her husband Sam Asghari’s supersized ego.

A source told National Enquirer that Asghari evidently changed after he received rave reviews for his performance in Hot Seat.

While it is true that Asghari showed that he’s talented in the movie alongside Mel Gibson, he has also allegedly been telling his wife and friends that he could become the next Brad Pitt.

“Sam’s flying higher than a kite. He’s always thought he was destined to do great things even before he met Britney. But his boasting is turning off people left and right,” the source said.

The source also claimed that Asghari has been getting offers to appear in more movies. And he’s overwhelmed with all the scripts that he has been getting. In fact, he’s even asking Spears to help him read the scripts and choose which one he should take part in.

However, Spears couldn’t help but roll her eyes when it comes to her husband’s arrogance. But she’s not letting Asghari see because she knows this could cause problems between them and their marriage.

“Britney is not letting him see her roll her eyes. He’s been there for her during her many lows and she wants to be supportive,” the source said.

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt. There’s no proof that Asghari’s success has gotten to her head.

And it’s not also true that he has been getting scripts left and right or that Spears is rolling her eyes at him in secret.

All these claims are unfounded and should not be assumed as fact.

Meanwhile, Asghari also made headlines recently after a tabloid alleged that Spears had a lucrative prenup drawn out to block him from getting a single cent if they decided to eventually divorce.

And shortly after the couple tied the knot, multiple tabloids also claimed that their honeymoon is over. After all, Asghari and Spears allegedly realized that they are better off as boyfriend or girlfriend or as an engaged couple.

However, these claims should also be taken with a grain of salt. There’s no proof that Asghari and Spears are regretting their decision to tie the knot. And it’s also untrue that Spears had a prenup drawn out to ensure that Asghari won’t get anything after they divorce.