Vin Diesel allegedly has a crush on Helen Mirren.

In its Aug. 15 issue, National Enquirer claimed that Diesel celebrated his 55th birthday with an unusual companion in tow: Mirren.

A source claimed that Diesel and Mirren are obviously friends. But things got a tad bit suspicious after onlookers realized that it was just the two of them celebrating Diesel’s birthday. His gal pal, Paloma Jimenez was nowhere in sight.

The source also claimed that Jimenez skipped her boyfriend’s birthday bash because she opted to stay home where she can rage over the A-listers’ unlikely friendship.

Diesel and Mirren reportedly became close after they filmed the latest Fast & Furious installment in Italy.

“Paloma thinks it’s bizarre that he lavishes so much attention on Helen and it’s getting awkward and embarrassing for her,” the source said.

But the source also said that Diesel couldn’t care less about what Jimenez might think. After all, he’s smitten with Mirren and he’s not ashamed to tell the world how he feels about her.

“Vin has never worked with a woman as elegant, refined, and beautiful and he is bowled over by her mere presence. She’s amused by the attention and is reveling in his infatuation,” the source said.

To make their claims more convincing, the tabloid published several photos of Diesel and Mirren who seem very affectionate toward each other.

One of the snaps shows Mirren holding Diesel’s face while they are out in public.

However, these photos do not confirm anything. It’s true that Diesel is smitten with Mirren but he only sees the veteran actress as a good friend.

With this, the tabloid’s claims that Diesel’s girlfriend refused to celebrate his birthday with him because of Mirren are not true either.

Meanwhile, Diesel has also been making headlines amid allegations that he’s been feuding with his Fast & Furious co-star, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

There are whispers that the two actors just couldn’t get along because they are both egotistical.

However, these claims couldn’t have been accurate either. After all, if Diesel and The Rock do not get along well with each other, it would’ve been difficult for them to star in several Fast & Furious movies together.

It’s obvious that the tabloids are just pitting the two men against each other without proper basis.