Nine months have passed since Taylor Lautner asked for Taylor Dome’s hand in marriage. Although they have started planning the special day, the actor said they are “not rushing anything.”

The conversation came amid the celebrity’s discussion with People magazine about the Clear the Shelters campaign. He stated that he and his fiancée are “still just enjoying this engagement stage.”

The publication consequently quoted Lautner, saying, “It’s crazy. Like, you’ll be able to call somebody your girlfriend for a long time, and you’ll be able to call [her] your wife for a long time, but you only get to enjoy this fiancée stage for so long.”

The “Twilight” actor continued that this is the reason why people would hear him saying, “Me and my fiancée,” adding that “it is so obnoxious.”

Taylor Lautner later added that he is “milking it as much as [he] can.” So, while they have “started the process” of planning their wedding, he reiterated that they are “still enjoying this stage” and “nothing is nailed down yet.”

Despite this, though, the 30-year-old actor said he and Taylor Dome plan to include their pups, Remi and Lily, in their wedding. He told the magazine that they will “definitely find some special way that they can be involved because they are family members.”

Lautner also noted that he and his fiancée “have not figured out yet” how they will incorporate their two dogs into their nuptials. He emphasized, however, that they are “still discussing all things wedding.”

Elsewhere in the engagement, the “Cheaper By The Dozen 2” child star talked about Remi and Lily. He described them as “very interesting mixes” of breeds, adding that the two pups “could not be any different in personality.”

Taylor Lautner also opened up about his sentiments about being a pup parent, saying, “I feel like they give me more than I give them.” Accordingly, he said he tries and does “anything [he] can to be there for them.”

In the end, the celebrity stated that Remi and Lily make him happy and it is his favorite part of his role. He consequently noted that the two pups “add that extra happiness and love to every single day.”

Taylor Lautner and Taylor Dome reportedly met when he was on hiatus. They began their relationship in 2018 and became Instagram Official in October of the same year, according to Life & Style.

The couple seemingly remained active on social media in the years that followed, sharing photos and updating followers about their life as a pair.

In November 2021, Lautner proposed to his then-girlfriend and got engaged.