Victoria Beckham is allegedly done playing nice after years of trying to get on the good side of Nicola Peltz’s parents.

In its Aug. 10 issue, Heat UK claimed that Beckham became so caught up with being friends with Brooklyn Beckham’s in-laws that she forgot how to have fun. So, this summer, Posh Spice vowed to have the best time of her life without any care in the world.

“She wanted to be good friends with the Peltzes but they are quite different people so she’s just sodded it. She’s finally realized she’ll never please everyone and the only thing she should be focused on is having the most fun on her own terms, so she’s choosing to live it up instead,” the source said.

The source also claimed that Beckham’s decision to focus more on what makes her happy and on having fun improved her marriage to David Beckham. After all, the football superstar loves this new side of his wife.

“David’s joking he’s exhausted keeping up with her, but he’s loving this fun holiday version of Vic. Instead of being glued to her phone working, she’s got loads of energy and is really in a playful mood. They’ve had an amazing holiday with some lovely moments,” the source said.

For now, Victoria wants to focus more on her family because they are her biggest support system. In fact, when she was worried about the Peltz's, her husband and children were there for her.

Even her son, Brooklyn, who is married to Nicola seemingly consoled the fashion designer.

“For Victoria, it’s all about family time, so it meant a lot for her to be surrounded by the people she loves. She was determined to make the most of it,” the source said.

Meanwhile, Victoria also made headlines recently amid reports that she and Brooklyn have been feuding for quite some time. A source told New Idea that Victoria and Nicola just couldn’t get along and the tension is stressing Brooklyn out.

But since he’s married to his wife, Victoria couldn’t help but feel that the couple is ganging up on her.

However, none of these claims are true. There’s no indication that Beckham is stressing over Peltz’s family or that she’s struggling to get along with them and her son Brooklyn.