Victoria Beckham will reportedly go to all lengths to become fit and healthy regardless of her age.

An unnamed source told Closer UK that Beckham doesn’t have a problem with being called extreme when it comes to staying healthy and keeping fit.

In fact, she has vowed to always look her best regardless of how old she gets.

“Her discipline knows no bounds and she’s admittedly extreme when it comes to looking after her body. She likes to look a certain way and that comes with a lot of hard work and sacrifice. Vic’s always been incredibly disciplined with her diet and exercise regime and she’s become even stricter in recent years,” the source said.

Now that she’s 45, Beckham knows that her metabolism no longer works as fast as it once did. So, in order for her to maintain her slender physique, she needs to put in the effort.

With this, the tabloid claimed to know what Beckham eats on a daily basis and said that she starts off her day with her green monster breakfast which includes a healthy smoothie. Then she follows this up with a rigorous workout.

“No matter how late she’s been up the night before, she’ll be in the gym by 6 a.m. to ensure she gets an hour-long workout in before taking Harper to school,” the source said.

David Beckham’s wife isn’t allegedly a fan of weight training because she believes that this will bulk her up. But now that she’s much older, she realized how important it is to build muscle and keep herself toned.

According to the source, the fashion designer knows that some people would think that she’s obsessed with fitness simply because they do not understand her. But the truth is, this is now her way of life.

“She feels amazing and loves that confidence when stripping off into a swimsuit on a holiday, which further motivates her to continue working at it,” the source said.

While it is true that Beckham takes good care of her body through diet and exercise, it’s not true that some people think that she’s obsessed with looking good.

Since she’s technically a celebrity, it is customary for her to always look her best. However, this doesn’t mean that Beckham’s life revolves only on her workouts and diet.