Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck just tied the knot with each other and there are rumors that they are ready to take the next step in their marriage.

In its Aug. 9 issue, Closer UK claimed that Lopez and Affleck are looking forward to expanding their family even though they already have a total of five children combined.

A source claimed that for now, Lopez and Affleck want to keep their baby plans private so they refuse to share anything with their family and friends.

“The official line they tell friends is that they’re just grateful to have this beautiful, blended family and that’s all they need besides each other. But this is J-Lo’s way of deflecting attention because she wants it all handled discreetly and of course, it will take time especially if they go through with her preferred scenario of surrogacy,” the source said.

But if their plans push through, the source said that Lopez and Affleck will welcome their baby around this time next year.

Meanwhile, the source stressed that Affleck and Lopez won’t have more children because they are not content with each other. Instead, the couple has so much love to give so they think adding another baby into the mix would be great.

“She’s always loved the idea of raising a big family. Jen was one of three herself and knows Ben’s got plenty of energy in the tank to raise one more at least. She’d love a baby with this man she calls her soul mate and life partner and, thanks to wonders of modern medicine, it’s a whole lot easier now than it would have been 20 years ago,” the source said.

However, one should still take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt. As of late, Lopez and Affleck have not expressed any desire to have a baby of their own.

So, the tabloid’s claims that the couple would go the surrogacy route can’t possibly be true.

And since Lopez and Affleck have not verbalized any desire to have a baby, this can only mean that all of the tabloid’s claims are made up.

For now, the couple is focused on raising their five children, who seem to get along well with each other. Lopez’s daughter, Emme, and Affleck’s daughter, Violet are especially close.