Naomi Judd naming Larry Strickland executor of her will is reportedly not uncommon. However, leaving daughters Ashley and Wynonna Judd out of it is claimed to have appeared as a deliberate move on the late celebrity’s part.

Attorney Holly Davis told Page Six that the decision “seems pointed, like a purposeful act.” She emphasized, though, that there is a possibility of Judd having “already taken care” of her two daughters in their own trusts, adding that perhaps she might have given them “prior gifts before passing away.”

The legal expert also later argued that there is little information about the matter. But, she said, “if there is an issue or tension between the husband and the daughters,” the public will find out through a “will contest via probate lawyers” if there will be one in the coming days.

Criminal defense attorney Jason Goldman seemingly has a different assertion about Naomi Judd’s decision to leave Ashley and Wynonna out of her will.

Speaking to the same publication, the expert stated that the “River of Time” artist was “likely advised” to choose Larry Strickland over her two daughters. As explained, this is reportedly because “it would be ‘cleaner and less contentious.’”

The outlet quoted Goldman, saying, “Despite having the opposite intent, wills typically become notoriously difficult to interpret when overly specific.” It continues, “When you then factor in the existence of numerous children, a longer, divided will is inevitably a recipe for misinterpretation and disaster.”

Goldman also noted that Naomi Judd’s will did not mention her “hard assets.” He added that they “may have already been bestowed upon the children through title transfers.”

Page Six later said it reached out to the attorney who prepared Judd's will, as well as her publicist. However, the former is claimed to have not responded to requests for comment, while the latter declined to give one.

It all comes after news broke that Naomi Judd left her daughters out of will earlier this week. She instead appointed Larry Strickland, her husband of 33 years, as the executor, and requested him to have “full authority and discretion” and “without the approval of any court” or even permission from any beneficiary, per the court documents obtained by Page Six.

Some netizens have since shared their thoughts, as well, regarding the matter across social media platforms. On Twitter, a few individuals commented on the news, which the New York Post posted on the platform earlier on Wednesday.

Most commentators appear to have agreed with Judd’s decision, adding that she left her fortune to her husband as most people would do. Moreover, some argued that her children, Ashley and Wynonna, do not need the money, seemingly referencing their respective successful careers.

On the other hand, there are individuals who emphasized that it should be a private matter among the family.

Ashley Judd and Wynonna Judd have yet to make official statements.