Did Will Smith apologize again to Chris Rock for his own “best interest”?

An insider recently believes so, adding that the timing of the apology “is more for Will’s career,” according to Mirror. As added, the famed actor “needs the public’s forgiveness, not Chris.”

The outlet said the assertions first surfaced after a source spoke to Entertainment Tonight about the matter. It was claimed that Rock “has no plans to reach out to Will,” noting that “it is not going to happen right now.”

Smith, meanwhile, would reportedly “love nothing more than" for [the comedian] to accept his apology publicly. But, it was said to have appeared that he will need to wait before it happens.

Chris Rock has yet to make an official statement regarding the matter. He has since remained silent about the ordeal, although he recently reportedly poked fun at the infamous incident on some of his shows.

Aside from the comedian’s silence, the source has not provided any proof to substantiate the story. This makes it unclear whether the latest claims are legitimate.

Accordingly, unless otherwise stated, the reports remain speculative, at best.

It all comes after Will Smith posted an apology video on his YouTube channel. He addressed the infamous slap and answered some of the common questions many people have had since the incident.

The video, which is nearly six minutes long, carries the title, “It’s been a minute.” The “King Richard” star took his time and shared his piece, including his direct public apology to Chris Rock.

Smith also revealed that he has reached out to the “Grown Ups” actor. He noted, however, that the “message that came back” to him is that “he’s not ready to talk, and when he is he will reach out.”

The clip has been viewed more than 3.3 million times since it came to light on Friday. It has also amassed tens of thousands of comments on the platform.

Alongside the remarks of netizens, a few experts also shared reactions toward the apology video. Men’s Health covered one from a licensed family therapist, Georgia Dow, who made her thoughts known via YouTube video.

The publication said that the expert examined Will Smith’s apology clip and pointed out the things the actor did “right,” as well as the parts that seemingly came across as “inauthentic.”

Dow was said to have praised the “Bad Boys” star for owning up to what he did to Chris Rock and not making excuses for it. However, the “biggest problem” she reportedly had with the material is that “there is very little sense of any real remorse” on his part. 

The outlet quoted the expert, saying, “For an apology to be good, it has to be sincere.”