Prince Harry is no longer the happy-go-lucky guy that he once was before he married Meghan Markle.

A source noticed major changes in Prince Harry’s demeanor and body language ever since he and Markle tied the knot.

While speaking with Globe, the source claimed that Prince Harry always looks sad and disheveled when he’s out in public. This is in stark contrast to his appearances before he dated Markle. During that time, Prince Harry was always smiling and cracking jokes with everyone around him.

“Harry should be happy but he seldom smiles anymore. His wife is dressed to the nines and her mega-watt grin is turned on at all times. There’s not a camera she doesn’t like. Meanwhile, Harry looks dour and disheveled and constantly clutches Meghan’s hand for reassurance,” the source said.

Even though Prince Harry has not yet repaired his relationship with the royal family, the source claimed that the British clan is worried about him. After all, they no longer recognize who he is.

“They see his house of cards crashing. He thought he was starting an exciting new fairytale life in Hollywood when he quit his royal duties, but the problem with fairytales is they’re not real. The Sussexes have become a huge joke – except no one is laughing,” the source said.

This isn’t the first time that Prince Harry was rumored to be struggling with his life in the United States. According to royal experts, the Duke of Sussex secretly regrets his decision to quit his royal duties.

Some tabloids have also been insisting that Prince Harry wants to return home to his family. However, Markle wouldn’t allow him to go back to his old life.

However, not all these claims are true. There is no indication that Prince Harry is struggling or that he changed since marrying Markle. It’s not also true that he has been smiling less and making fewer jokes ever since he quit his royal duties.

It is important to note that analyses of how Prince Harry looks and what he says and does are all based on speculations and what insiders think. The Duke of Sussex has never once said that he regrets his decision to quit his duties or that he’s having a hard time in America.