Renee Zellweger doesn’t have any plans to gain weight again when she reprises her role as Bridget Jones.

An unnamed source told Woman’s Day that Zellweger loves her body right now and she’s also grateful for the progress that she made.

So, even if she will be appearing in Bridget Jone's Diary 4, she would much rather wear a fat suit instead of trying to gain back all the weight she has lost.

“She’s prepared to wear a fat suit if she has to, but she’s not willing to destroy her metabolism again. She’s finally happy with her fitness level and health and won’t throw all her hard work in the gym out the window, not even for a big fat Bridget Jones cheque,” the source said.

Last week, it was announced that Zellweger will be making her official return to the franchise. A source told The Sun that the producers of the fourth movie have been secretly working on the project for quite some time.

The last time that fans saw Zellweger as Jones was six years ago so it goes without saying that they are excited to watch her reprise her role in another movie.

As of late, other details like casting and storyline have not yet been confirmed. And the official release date for Bridget Jones Diary 4 hasn’t been announced either.

Meanwhile, Zellweger has found herself at the center of other rumors involving her controversial relationship with Ant Anstead.

Multiple tabloids have been claiming that the couple is gearing to tie the knot soon after Anstead proposed to the actress.

Last year, OK! Magazine claimed that the couple wants a huge wedding that will be attended by a massive group of guests.

“They’ve been talking about having a small ceremony in England soon, something elegant and tasteful. They like the idea of an intimate dimly lit setting with candles, fresh flowers, and a harpist. Renee wants them to write their own vows down and just say what’s in their hearts, and Ant’s all for that,” the source said.

However, over a year has passed but Zellweger and Anstead still haven’t tied the knot. This proves that the tabloid was merely speculating about the couple’s relationship even if there’s no indication that Anstead already proposed to Zellweger.