Big Brother Season 24 is facing backlash after several white contestants were accused of ganging up on Taylor Hale.

Hale is a former beauty queen and she also happens to be African-American. And even just hours after she entered the Big Brother house, some female contestants already questioned her intentions.

When the reality TV show premiered earlier this month, one former houseguest named Paloma expressed her dislike for Hale. She also spread lies about her and then decided to quit the competition after citing mental health problems as her biggest issue.

And in this week’s episode, a male contestant confronted Hale after she told Nicole Layog that she would be fine if the latter wanted to quit the competition altogether.

Since Hale and Layog are partners in the Festie Bestie twist, Hale told Layog that she wouldn’t take it against her if she decides to leave the competition. But Layog took Hale’s words out of context and thought that she wanted her to quit just like Paloma.

And after Layog told Daniel Durston details of her conversation with Hale, the Elvis Presley impersonator became upset and confronted the former beauty queen.

Now, a source told National Enquirer that Big Brother Season 24 has been dubbed the worst season because some of the houseguests have been accused of racism.

“Other seasons have been bad, but this is the cruelest, most evil cast ever. The fact that everyone is ganging up on Taylor and giving her a hard time proves it,” a source said.

Big Brother Season 23 winner Xavier Panther also showed his support for Hale even though the latter has no idea because as a contestant, she is shielded from what’s happening in the outside world.

Panther recently released a statement saying that African-American contestants do not stand a chance in the Big Brother house that’s why he’s hoping that his big win last season would help change the narrative for contestants like Hale.

Indeed, some changes are already taking place because after Durston lashed out at Hale, some of the houseguests felt bad for her and they urged the former beauty queen to be in an alliance with them.

Still, no one knows what will happen next in the Big Brother house because as host Julie Chen always says, “expect the unexpected.”