Vladimir Putin has allegedly set his sights on his new targets: Ashton Kutcher and his wife, Mila Kunis.

National Enquirer claimed that Putin is starting to infiltrate Hollywood by making sure that all the A-listers that opposed his decision to launch an attack against Ukraine would pay.

A source claimed that Putin’s security service, FSB, is concocting a plan to make sure that negative comments from celebrities and foreigners will be blocked.

“Ashton and Mila have been among the most vocal opponents of Putin’s invasion and they’ve raised over $36 million so far with their Stand with Ukraine charity,” the source said.

Kunis and Kutcher have also allegedly been warned by concerned individuals and organizations that they could be in danger because of the Russian president.

“No one doubts Putin’s crazy enough to go after them. By standing up to Putin, the feeling is Ashton and Mila have put their lives in jeopardy,” the source said.

But while it is true that Kutcher and Kunis have been vocal about their support for Ukraine and their dislike for Putin, it’s not true that the Russian leader is planning to get back at them.

Doing so could cause more problems between Russia and the United States. And Putin has no right to get rid of someone who criticizes him publicly.

In the same manner, those that dislike Putin do not just go around and plot plans to kill him casually.

Meanwhile, the Russian oligarch also made headlines recently amid reports that he’s not sick contrary to what multiple sources have been claiming. Earlier this month, Putin traveled to Iran to attend an official engagement.

And according to reports, the leader wouldn’t have been able to travel overseas if he was ill.

Prior to this, multiple videos showing Putin shaking and struggling to get up circulated online. There were also rumors that he is dealing with an undisclosed illness – possibly cancer – and has been undergoing chemotherapy.

The claims were made after the latest photos of Putin show him with an enlarged face. And some insiders are convinced that he looks bloated because this is one of the common effects of chemotherapy.

However, none of their claims have been proven to be correct. For now, Putin is still doing well and he’s not plotting anything against Kutcher and Kunis.