Kim Kardashian is proud of the 20-pound weight loss she achieved after removing sugar and carbs from her diet for a couple of weeks.

However, National Enquirer claimed that the reality TV star’s weight loss also means that her bum shrunk considerably.

The tabloid spoke with an unnamed plastic surgeon, who has never treated or met Kardashian. And she weighed in on Kardashian’s weight loss as well as the alleged shrinking of her buttocks.

“Her butt doesn’t appear to be as large as it was. It appears to be more lifted. It still has a very nice round shape, but it is less overall. It appears less wide, her hips appear to be less prominent – and this could represent a trend of people wanting to reverse their Brazilian butt lifts,” the plastic surgeon said.

And since Kardashian lost a considerable amount of weight, this also means that her cheeks are less plump and her abs also appear more obvious.

“Outside of what you would expect with diet and exercise and just overall aging, she has very sculpted abs that almost appear to be abdominal etching. And her cheekbones appear less full than they used to be. That could be filler dissolving or a cheek implant removed,” the surgeon said.

To prove her claims, the tabloid published photos of Kardashian before she lost weight and after she lost weight. It’s obvious that The Kardashians star’s bum, cheekbones, and the abdominal area changed considerably. But this shouldn’t come as a surprise because this is what usually happens when someone goes on a diet and loses weight.

As such, it’s unclear why the tabloid is making such a big fuss about the changes in Kardashian’s body. It seems that they don’t have anything else to criticize about the mom of four.

Meanwhile, Kardashian also made headlines recently amid claims that she and her boyfriend, Pete Davidson are already engaged. There are rumors that the latter proposed to his girlfriend with his grandmother’s ring. And since the two are smitten with each other, Kardashian immediately said yes.

Now that the couple is allegedly engaged, this means that Kardashian and Davidson are already planning their wedding. And the couple is on the same page about having a huge wedding ceremony and reception with approximately 400 guests.

The only problem is that the tabloid’s claims aren’t true. Kardashian and Davidson won’t tie the knot anytime soon.