Donald Trump allegedly decided to set his issues with Jared Kushner aside following the death of his ex-wife, Ivana Trump.

Last week, sources claimed that the ex-POTUS was secretly feuding with his son-in-law and their issues affected the relationship between Trump and his favorite daughter, Ivanka Trump.

According to one tabloid, Kushner tricked Trump into trusting him with everything. But it didn’t take long before the former president realized that Kushner brought more problems especially while he was campaigning in the previous election.

Now, another source told National Enquirer that the Trump family decided to set their issues aside following Ivana’s death. After all, everyone realized how short life really is and wanted to make the most out of the time that they still have with each other.

“All of that became secondary when it came to saying goodbye to the woman who they all loved dearly. In that spirit, they came together in a united – if momentary – peaceful front,” the source said.

The insider also claimed that when Ivana was still alive, she wanted nothing more than for her family to come together. So, after her passing, this is what everyone made sure of.

“She was all about loyalty and family. While the squabbles upset her, she knew the family would come together in times of crisis. And that’s exactly what they did,” the source said.

Ivana was found dead at the bottom of the stairs inside her home on July 14. According to reports, Trump’s ex-wife died of blunt force trauma injuries to her torso.

By the looks of it, the mom of three fell from her massive stairs at home. According to US health officials, falls are a leading cause of injury-related death for people 65 years of age or older.

While it is true that the Trump family came together to mourn the death of Ivana two weeks ago, it’s not true that this was their only opportunity to reunite.

It’s not also true that Trump and Kushner are having issues in their relationship. And there’s no proof that Kushner has been lying and manipulating his father-in-law.

It’s even more absurd for the tabloid to say that Trump and Kushner’s issues are affecting the former’s relationship with Ivanka. This isn’t true because the latter is still her dad’s favorite child.