Reese Witherspoon is allegedly ready to leave everything that she worked so hard for in Hollywood to save her marriage to Jim Toth.

In its Aug. 1 issue, Star claimed that Witherspoon and Toth have been having problems in recent years. And one of their biggest issues has to do with money. After all, Witherspoon is the one who’s bringing more money into their household.

A source claimed that Witherspoon is not one to complain about Toth’s income and his decision to sell his company during the pandemic. But while he was trying to recover from his financial losses, Witherspoon shelled out $18 million on a mansion in Nashville.

“Nashville has always been a special place for them, Reese especially. It’s where she grew up, and she still has family there. Reese and Jim visit every year and decided that it was time to make a more permanent move,” the source said.

The source also pointed out that rumors regarding Witherspoon and Toth’s marriage have been circling the tabloids for years. And things became especially worse during the pandemic.

“Ask anyone and they’ll admit that Reese and Jim have their ups and downs, but they are very committed to making this marriage work. Moving to Nashville will hopefully give them a chance to slow down and spend some more quality time together,” the source said.

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt. It’s not true that Witherspoon and Toth are having problems in their marriage.

And even though it’s true that the Big Little Lies actress bought a property in Nashville, this doesn’t mean that she and her entire family would relocate there for good.

It is important to note that Witherspoon has a lot of projects in Hollywood so it would make sense for her to stay in Los Angeles for the time being.

As of late, it’s unclear where all the marital problems rumors regarding Witherspoon and Toth are coming from. The couple has been nothing but sweet and affectionate towards each other, especially on social media.

It is also important to note that Witherspoon and Toth have been married for a couple of years. So, it’s unlikely for them to just throw away everything that they’ve worked hard for just because of all these baseless rumors.