Prince Charles and Prince William are allegedly leading the pack to ensure that Prince Andrew would retire from his public life for good.

A source told New Idea that Prince Charles and Prince William are still fuming over all the scandals that the Duke of York caused the royal family.

So, when they heard the news that Prince Andrew is trying to convince Queen Elizabeth to allow him to return to his royal duties, the father and son became enraged.

Prince Charles and Prince William are worried that Prince Andrew would be able to get into the monarch’s head since he’s her favorite son.

As such, the father and son are doing everything they can to freeze the Duke of York out for good.

But even before they could throw Prince Andrew into exile, the future kings of Britain are once again dragged into the dad of two’s recent scandal.

Photographer Mark Harrison recently claimed that he has embarrassing photos of Prince Andrew that when released would shake up the British clan.

According to the photographer, Prince Andrew urged him not to release the photo to the public. But since a movie centered on his disastrous Newsnight interview is already in the works, a dramatized version of the snap may be unveiled to the viewers.

“It has been seen by only a few people, but it would be a big deal for the royal family. Our jaws dropped to the floor when we saw it. It would cause Andrew much embarrassment and imagine how high the bar has to be to cause him embarrassment after everything that has happened,” the source said.

The source also claimed that Prince Charles and Prince William want Prince Andrew gone even before the embarrassing photo is released. And if it were only up to them, Prince Andrew would’ve already been exiled a long time ago.

As of late, the photo that Harrison was talking about has not yet been released. And it’s unclear if it will ever see the light of day.

But regardless if it will be released or not, it’s not true that Prince Charles and Prince William want Prince Andrew gone for good.

It is important to note that Prince Andrew is still part of the royal family even after all the trouble he caused.