Victoria Beckham recently channeled her inner Posh Spice.

The Spice Girls alum performed one of the group’s hit tracks, “Stop,” in front of her audience. David Beckham appeared to have filmed the casual production as he posted it on his official Instagram account on Saturday.

The video shows the 48-year-old celebrity singing and dancing to the 1997 hit. It also appears that she has people around her as they enjoy the performance.

The former professional athlete captioned the clip, writing, “Karaoke night with the one & only Posh Spice.” The Spice Girls alum herself later re-posted the video on her own account as a story.

People noted that the karaoke night took place during the Beckhams’ family vacation.

Victoria Beckham achieved global fame and success with the Spice Girls, in which she received the nickname “Posh Spice.” She first reportedly joined the group in 1994, two years before the all-female act debuted and dropped its first single, “Wannabe.”

For years, the artists had continued to set foot on new heights in the world of music. They even became “pop culture icons,” breaking records and expanding reach to a much wider audience.

However, the Spice Girls entered an indefinite hiatus in 2001, a few years after one of the members, Geri Halliwell or Ginger Spice, departed. While they reunited a couple of times in the years that followed, Beckham has seemingly placed her focus on other ventures.

In 2021, the famed fashion designer wrote a reflective letter to herself for an issue of British Vogue. She talked about family, career, as well as current events, and dreams.

Cheat Sheet recalled that Victoria Beckham also addressed her past and younger self in the piece. In it, she appeared to have revealed the reason why she “stepped away” from being a Spice Girl.

The celebrity shared that she once watched her “dear friend” Elton John on stage in Las Vegas. While he was performing “Tiny Dancer,” she realized that it “was like oxygen for him,” adding that “as if it were the first time” for him to do it.

Beckham continued that “it was a life-changing moment” for her younger self because she had learned singing and dancing “was not [her] passion.”

The outlet later quoted the former Spice Girls member, writing, “that day, you started your quest to uncover your own dreams. It was time to step away from being a Spice Girl. For the first time, you were venturing out on your own, and it was terrifying. It was scary to close a chapter that defined you.”

Meanwhile, Victoria Beckham now has four children in her over-two-decade marriage with David Beckham. The family was recently spotted in St. Tropez, with Mail Online saying they were on a "lavish" getaway.