Pink allegedly gained a considerable amount of weight in recent months.

Prior to the pandemic, Pink was still able to eat healthily and exercise regularly. But this changed in the past two years because she was staying mostly at home.

A source told National Enquirer that the singer already tipped the scales at 210 pounds after gaining at least 90 lbs.

To support their claims, the tabloid published a photo of Pink wearing an oversized yellow t-shirt and black pants.

It’s obvious that the singer really gained weight. But no one knows for sure if she gained 90 pounds within the past couple of months. Additionally, no one also knows for sure if Pink weighs 210 pounds right now.

“People have noticed she’s really put on the poundage. Most of it is down to stress and anxiety. Eating has been her coping mechanism and she hasn’t denied herself anything in the way of food and drink. Carbs are her weakness,” the source said.

The source added that Pink is also stressing over the fact that she may no longer be able to do her aerial stunts during her live performances. After all, she could no longer carry herself on the ring or the pole.

“Even if she finds a way to do them, she must realize her days of high-wire acts are numbered unless she gets her weight under control,” the source said.

The tabloid also quoted Pink as saying that she once felt concerned at the thought that she could suffer a stroke. After all, she was having panic attacks at one point and felt that they were so bad.

However, Pink’s story doesn’t have anything to do with her weight gain. And yet, the tabloid is trying to connect the singer’s statement about thinking she was going to have a stroke.

Meanwhile, this isn’t the only rumor surrounding Pink in recent months.

Earlier this year, there were rumors that Pink and her husband, Carey Hart were on the brink of a divorce. After all, the couple was allegedly spotted arguing at the restaurant.

However, the couple’s photo that was published by the tabloid showed the two chatting with each other. There was no indication of tension between the couple.

And until today, Pink and Hart are still together and have not expressed any desire to end their marriage.