Victoria Beckham is allegedly focused on her business and her business alone.

An unnamed source told Heat UK that Beckham is stressing over the fact that her son, Romeo Beckham and Mia Regan already called it quits after three years of dating.

The source claimed that the teen couple decided to go their separate ways because they struggled to keep their romance alive amid the distance.

But since Beckham has a close relationship with Regan, she allegedly wants to keep using the latter as one of the faces of her brand.

“Mia worships Vic and takes all her advice. Mia thinks Vic is a superwoman. She’s her hero – and Posh lapped it up. The breakup is yet another hurdle in Victoria’s dream to build a Kardashian-style empire. Brand Beckham started the year so strong – with Brooklyn’s wedding to Nicola and Romeo’s decision to play football in Miami. She had hoped he’d propose to Mia. Vic thought she was a perfect girlfriend,” the source said.

The insider also claimed that Beckham immediately became Regan’s manager when she and Romeo first started dating. And she also has the same relationship with Peltz.

In fact, Beckham is like the Kris Jenner of England, who is a famed momager to all her children back in the United States.

“When the boys first brought home their girlfriends, Posh was always the one to take them under her wing. A lot of it was to check out the girls and ensure they could be trusted in the family circle and not just look for 15 minutes of fame. There are a lot of secrets they are exposed to so Vic is always keen to make sure people are a good fit for the household,” the source said.

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt. As of late, there’s no proof that Victoria is getting in between Romeo and Regan’s split.

And it’s not also true that she wants to maintain a relationship with the teenager because she knows that she could use Regan for her business.

By the looks of it, the tabloid is just creating this storyline to make it seem as though Beckham is more focused on making money than ensuring that her children are all doing well.