Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman allegedly acted like they were teenagers at the recently concluded couture show in Paris.

On July 6, the happy couple was photographed at the Balenciaga couture show, where Kidman walked on the red carpet.

A source, who claimed to have seen Urban and Kidman at the after-party said that they were canoodling and flirting with each other the entire time.

“At the afterparty, Keith had his hands all over Nicole, telling her how beautiful she looked. They were making out like teenagers,” the source told Life & Style.

The insider also claimed that despite the couple’s busy schedule, they still see to it that they had a memorable celebration to commemorate their 16th wedding anniversary.

“Nicole’s been working on location and Keith’s been on tour. They try to make a point to never be away from each other for more than two weeks at a time, but it hasn’t been easy,” the source said.

During their recent trip to Paris, the couple allegedly had a romantic dinner. Even though details from their night out remain scarce, there was a snap of Urban and Kidman kissing each other passionately in front of a stunning background.

“They’ve been married for more than a decade but are clearly still in the honeymoon phase,” the source said.

The tabloid’s story about Urban and Kidman is a far cry from other stories published about the couple in recent months.

In April, New Idea that there was some tension between the couple after Urban found out that a new movie starring Tom Cruise will center on his life and failed marriage to Kidman.

“Finding out about it was the last thing she and Keith needed, They’re stronger than ever. Keith will always be there for Nicole. They’re trying to not let this rattle them too much. Nicole and Keith reassured themselves that there was no way Tom would let this fly. He’s super sensitive about his reputation and has used his power to stop other projects before. But so far doesn’t seem to have done anything about it,” the source said.

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt. If Cruise is working on a biopic, this would’ve already been reported in the news. But the fact that this hasn’t happened proves that the story is nothing more than a rumor.