Tom Cruise is allegedly living in the United Kingdom for good.

An unnamed source told Star that Cruise didn’t have second thoughts about leaving the United States and relocating to Britain years ago. After all, he’s just so fond of British people.

“Tom can’t get enough of the British people, the culture and history, the architecture, and food. He doesn’t appear to miss the States at all,” the source said.

The source also claimed that Cruise has made lifelong friends in England. In fact, he celebrated his birthday with Lewis Hamilton and other A-listers.

“Tom was the center of attention and had a smile for everyone. He’s really built a life for himself in England. He’s told people that he’s just more content there. Tom really isn’t thrilled about being single at 60. He has high dating standards though,” the source said.

Meanwhile, Cruise is also at the center of other rumors in recent months.

Last week, National Enquirer claimed that Cruise is struggling to find love because everyone’s intimidated by him.

“He’s just too weirdly wrapped up being Tom Cruise. Women are intimidated by his over-the-top need to be the biggest star on the planet. It instantly becomes apparent they are just promotional pieces in his carefully constructed image. All Tom really cares about is Tom’s career. Women are a publicity strategy that is easily replaced. That’s common knowledge in Hollywood and no woman wants a part of it,” the source said.

Last month, Globe claimed that Cruise’s Mission: Impossible co-star, Hayley Atwell dumped him.

“What was working behind closed doors didn’t work out so well when it was made public, and the fanfare around them as a couple exploded again. Unfortunately, it hasn’t worked out. They have now decided they are better as friends,” the source said.

However, none of these rumors are true. Cruise is single by choice and not because he’s intimidating. The actor also has a lot of things on his plate. And he just wrapped promotions and filming of his back-to-back projects.

It’s not also true that Cruise was dumped by Atwell. This couldn’t have happened because Atwell and Cruise didn’t date each other. So, if the A-listers were never in a relationship then there’s no way for Atwell to ever dump Cruise.